Opentech® has unique, patented solutions that simplify and speed up the mounting of handles on doors and windows.


Technological innovation is the basis of the Opentech® philosophy. Therefore, we offer unique assembly and adjustment solutions that can help and speed up the installation of our handles, while implementing quality and mechanical strength.


The patented system for the quick assembly of Opentech® handles without tools or screws.

TECNOLOGIE rosette con molla di ritorno

The Opentech® solution for reducing lock fatigue and keeping the lever horizontal even after a long duty cycle.

Meccanismo Riposizionatore

The exclusive Opentech® mechanism for keeping the lever perfectly horizontal even without the aid of a return spring.


The quick assembly system for Opentech® handle plates, with no tools or screws required.

Rosette ribassate EASYPIN®

An alternative rapid fixing solution for large size (55mm) and slim (2mm) roses. No tools or screws are needed with the Easypin® system.

Tecnologie Regular

The patented Opentech® mechanism enabling the installation of DK window handles with no need for multiple spindle lengths. The same mechanism is available for aluminium plates of 24x236mm.

Rosette ribassate EASYCLIP®

Quick assembly of slim (2 mm thick) Opentech® roses without tools or screws.